Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deputy Commissioner Faridabad, Shri Praveen Kumar cleans toilet of a School

IAS officer cleans school toilet

(May 20, 2011)

  On Thursday afternoon, a rare sight met the eyes of students of Government Girls' Secondary School — a senior IAS officer cleaning their school's toilet. Faridabad Deputy Commissioner  Praveen Kumar, a senior IAS officer, literally cleaned the toilet of the school situated in Old Faridabad.

The deputy commissioner had conducted the inspection of the city's oldest school in the morning. Over 3,000 students study in the school.

At the school, some of the students told him that the school had just one sweeper to clean the toilets. He also came to know that "a few students had fallen unconscious on Wednesday due to the scorching heat".

The officer promised the schoolchildren that he will be back around 1.30pm. He kept his word and came to the school. He also advised the students that they should change their mindsets and focus on doing things themselves.

And he did it by giving his own example — he entered one of the toilets and started cleaning it. It took the officer nearly 20 minutes to clean the toilet thoroughly, leaving dumbstruck the school principal, teachers and students.

"We could not believe that the deputy commissioner cleaned the toilet of our school," said Praveen Kaushik, the school's principal.

"He has set an example and it will have positive a impact on the students," he added.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong in a cleaning toilet of the school," Kumar told Hindustan Times. "I took this step as we shy away from doing things which we can do ourselves."

"I am sure the students will now clean the toilet themselves as there is only one sweeper," Kumar said. The DC also ordered that facilities in the school be revamped so that students do not have to suffer.


Vish said...

Good Work Shri Praveen Kumar. I won't say anybody must learn from this, but we ourselves must do it. You are an epitome of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar himself. He once said,
"Apna Kaam Aap Karne Se Laaj Kaisi"
You are a worthy person.

Anirban said...

Thanks Vish for your comment