Monday, March 22, 2010

Yojana website

I had the privilege of having an article E-Governance initiatives of Government of Karnataka published in the Yojana Magazine. I have always had a high regard for the magazine as it is essential reading for all those who prepare for the IAS examinations. I would have really liked to provide a link to the article in the Yojana website, however for a long time Yojana had no web presence at all. Now finally Yojana has its website. However old articles are stored on some content management system and you need to download the entire issue of 11Mb if any one wants to access my article.

This is a symptom of most e-Governance projects, the Management of Yojana probably did not apply their mind and probably no one gave the requirements properly. Whatever was delivered by the Vendor was accepted without any question.

The complete article "E-Governance initiatives of Karnataka" is posted in this blog here

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