Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shri J Satyanarayana IAS appointed as Secretary Department of Information Technology

           In a welcome extremely progressive move, Shri J Satyanarayana has been appointed as the Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Government of India. He succeeds , Shri R. Chandrasekhar another e-Governance heavyweight.

          Shri J Satyanarayana has been a pioneer in the field of implementation of e-Governance projects and as early as the late 1990s, he implemented Computerisation of the Registration Department of Andhra Pradesh, better known as the CARD Project. Later between 2000-2003, he was part of the SWAT e-Governance team of Shri Chandrababu Naidu, the then CM of Andhra Pradesh and he and his team implemented numerous pioneering and landmark e-Governance programs which among others included the e-Seva Project and the e-Procurement platform.

          In 2003 he founded the National Institute of Smart Governance and his magic and golden hand continued in this nascent institution. Between 2003-08, NISG was involved with virtually every important e-Governance initiative of the Government of India, including the computerisation of the Ministry of Company Affairs, one of the largest computerisation initiatives, Passport Seva, computerisation of the Passport Department.

           Mr. J Sathyanarayana is a great believer in the concept of Public Private Partnership for execution of e-Governance projects.

           Mr. J Satyanarayana is an IAS officer of the 1977 batch of Andhra Pradesh Cadre, in addition to conceptualising and implementing e-Governance projects, he has contributed extensively to the thought leadership in the e-Governance domain by writing many books, delivering training programs and contributing extensively in seminars and discussion forums on e-Governance

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


1) A visit was made to the CSCs of Goalpara District, the E-District Facilitation Centre at Goalpara district office and the Circle office at Goalpara accompanied by representatives from the Assam SeMT team and the Srei Sahaj team.

2) The CSCs visited were located in Dudhnoi, Goalpara and Matia, Goalpara

a) The Dudhnoi CSC was located in the Dudhnoi town, located on the Guwahati – Goalpara National Highway which , the CSC was equipped with about 3 laptops. The Srei Sahaj team have made considerable efforts to seed a large number of Financial Services, however the VLE operating the CSC said that his main revenue sources were a) Browsing by customers, b) Photography and c) Railway ticketing. The VLE said that there was delay in processing of applications for e-District services, one of the reasons may be breakdown in the Assam State Wide Area Network link between the District office and the Circle office.