Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Critical Analysis of the Government of India CSC Project

The period 2000 -05 saw a lot of excitement around use of Village Telecentres to bridge the digital divide. However despite a large number of Village telecentres established by a variety of organisations  corporate, CSR led, government promoted, University promoted, NGO led etc.  most of these Village Telecentres were unviable. The DIT under the enlightened leadership of the then Joint Secretary Shri R Chandrashekhar understood some of the drawbacks of the existing efforts and drew up a National program for establishment of 1,00,000 CSC's across the country. The CSC program of DIT provided both Government and Institutional support to the Village Telecentres however this program is also struggling to find its feet as the critical requirement for success of the project, namely a robust platform for e-Governance services to Rural citizens has been difficult to establish.

Interested readers can view the note here

News item on 3i infotech pulling out of the CSC program

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