Friday, April 30, 2010

United Nations releases 2010 e-Governance Survey; India ranked at 119th in the World

The United Nations has released its 2010 e-Governance survey which can be accessed at the following link.  UN e-Governance page

As per the survey, " most portals and websites have remained stagnant since 2008 Survey in terms of developing new features. As a result, the region as a whole has regressed in the 2010 survey and remains far below the world average".

India has scored 0.3567 in the E-Government development index value which is below 0.3814 scored in 2008. India's rank in the World e-Government development ranking is 119 falling from 113 in 2008. In the "South Asia" grouping India is 4th below Maldives, Iran and Sri Lanka.

Korea has scored the first ranking in the World e-Government development ranking with a E-Government development index of 0.8785. The Survey states that the "National portal received the highest ranking and scored particularly high in providing services and tools for citizen engagement"

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